ISO15218 15mm 3/2 way normally closed pilot high performance high speed solenoid valve 24vDC for compressed air with or without lubrication Orifice Port 1 is 0.8mm and Port 2 is 1mm offering a Kv flow factor of 18 NL/Min (Port 1 to 2) with 6 bar inlet and pressure drop of 1 bar. Working pressure range 0 to 8 bar with low power 1 Watt (DC) or 3VA (AC 50/60 Hz) and conforms to ATEX 94/9/EC for electrical apparatus group IIm category 3: GAS Ex nA IIC Tx Gc and DUST Ex tc IIIC Tx Dc. This 15mm 3 port 2 position fast acting air valve response time 5 to 15 milliseconds, with maximum cycle time 2000 cycles per minute (33 cycles a second) with a life expectancy exceeding 50 million cycles.
The 15mm pneumatic 3/2 pneumatic control valve Coil is 100% ED continuous duty rated Temperature Range Ambient and Media -10ºC to +50ºC with NBR seals. Voltage variation +/- 10%, Coil insulation class F,Protection IP40, Materials of construction body Plastic PPS, seals NBR (Option FKM) with recessed external sealing, core and springs stainless steel, coil PA 6.6 glass reinforced copper wire class H 200ºC IEC 60317 13 and IEC 317-8.
Supplied with 2x M3x18TC mounting screws, NBR intergral sealing with 24vDC mono stable control with options for separate external gasket, brass manual over ride, bi stable turn and lock manual over ride, FKM sealing, voltages 12vDC, 24vAC, 110vAC, 220vAC or 230vAC, Electrical Connection Industrial 9.4mm 3 pin, Standard flying leads (+105ºC), High temperature flying leads (+140ºC) or M12 connection. 15mm air pilot valve with 1.5mm orifice - 2/2 way normally closed - 3/2 way normally open - 2/2 way normally open and 3/2 way universal and other options available upon request.
Applications: Pneumatic automation for Textile Knitting Machines, Hosiery, Automated Fabric Knitting, Air operated Underwear Knitting, Medical Equipment used on brands such as Lonati, Matec, Colosib, Sangiacomo, Santoni, CZECH, Uniplet, Korea Brother and S-Tec Machines.
Equivalent to:
Amisco, 07V203NC10 12vdc, 07V203NC11 24vDC
Asco, 290 mini air operated valve series 302
Festo, MH1
Fluidac, MAV10-23-1-24vdc, MAV10-23-1-12vDC
Flupec, 034601 AE05C01200 12vdc, 034602 AE05C02400 24vDC, 034603 AE05C02450 24vAC, 034604 AE05C11050, 034605 AE05C22050
Humphrey, A15, series pilot valve
Metalwork, PIV.M 15mm
Norgren, IMI, FAS, MICROSOL, 15mm, 1-311P, 01-311P, 01-311P-015, 01-311P-015HO, 01-311P1011H0+61111+AY, 1-312E-06-HP+A1171+AY, -311P-00-H0+F01003+BCC, -311P-00-H0+F01003+BDH, 1-311P-00-H0+H01014+AWD, 1-311P-00-H0+H01016+AYG, 1-311P101-H0+61511i+AW, 01-311P101-H0+61511i+AYS, 1-311P101-H0+11511i+AXX, 1-311P101-H0+11511i+BAU, 1-311P101-H0+11511i+BBJ, 1-311P101-H0+11511i+BCK
Pneumax, N3
Thread Sizes ISO15218
Function 3/2 Normally Closed
Operation Direct Acting
Number of Ports 3
Body Material Polyethylene
Seal Type NBR
Media Air,Gas
Max Pressure AC 0.2 Bar,0.5 Bar,0.6 Bar,0.7 Bar,1 Bar,1.3 Bar,1.5 Bar,2 Bar,2.5 Bar,3 Bar,4 Bar,4.5 Bar,5 Bar,6 Bar,7 Bar,8 Bar
Max Pressure DC 0.2 Bar,0.4 Bar,0.6 Bar,0.7 Bar,0.8 Bar,1 Bar,1.4 Bar,1.5 Bar,1.6 Bar,1.8 Bar,2 Bar,2.1 Bar,2.5 Bar,2.8 Bar,3 Bar,3.5 Bar,4 Bar,4.2 Bar,4.5 Bar,4.9 Bar,5 Bar,5.6 Bar,6 Bar,7 Bar,7.7 Bar,8 Bar
Orifice Size 0.8mm
Protection IP 65,ATEX EExmIIT4
Default Position Normally Closed

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15mm Pilot solenoid Valve 3/2 way Normally Closed 0.8mm

  • Brand: Amisco
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