Motorised Ball Valve Auto Return

Normally closed or normally open motorised ball valve?

Most electrically actuated or motorized ball valves in the market today are larger heavy cumbersome power to open, power to close with no power no valve movement. In some applications it is helpful to have a fail safe position closed auto return electric actuated ball valve so that when electrical power is removed or power supply fails the actuator will automatically return back to its original position i.e. fail safe close, which offers a much higher level of safety, energy saving and simplified valve set-up, installation and control.  You can view our full range of 2 and 3 way fail-safe closed electrically actuated ball valves here at our on-line store and technical library.
Typically this has been achieved with either an additional costly, heavy, large rechargeable industrial battery back up or has been achieved with a strong internal spring return mechanism requiring a heavier duty more powerful electric motor but both these offer disadvantages in either terms of cost, size, wiring and or reliability.

A normally closed motorized ball valve is also known as a N/C ball valve, spring return closed actuated ball valve, fail-safe position closed valve

A normally open motorised ball valve is also known as a N/O ball valve, spring return open electrically actuated valve, fail-safe position open valve.

ABV series normally closed ball valve.

The ABVM miniature 5 watt series and and ABV ISO5211 mounted 22 watt standard series with the new auto return electric actuator offers a compact, guaranteed fail-safe valve actuator return from an integral power backup supply, simple 2 wire control power open fail safe close, patented floating valve seal design, low power consumption is available 5 to 6 volt DC, 9-24AC/DC or 85 to 265 volt AC 50/60Hz power supply. Both ABVM and ABV are mounted to a full flow (full bore) 304 stainless steel ball valve with PTFE seals with a pressure rating from vacuum to 16 Bar and a maximum media temperature of +100ºC. The combination makes this an attractive, low cost, compact solution for many fluid and gas applications such as HVAC systems, waste water treatment, c3emical processing and dosing, motor home waste water, caravan water systems, boat hot - cold - waste water, diesel fuel line safety control, vegetable oil systems, rainwater recovery, underfloor and central heating systems, building management systems, retirement home water control, prison water isolation systems and just about any thick liquid or corrosive gas contaminated, particles debris which are suited to 304 stainless and PTFE.

Miniature auto return actuated ball valve 1/2",3/4" 1" BSP type ABVM-AR.

With technical advances and reliability in reduced electric motor power consumption and electrical components it is now possible to offer a two wire electrically actuated miniature ball valve with integral capacitor energy storage that will offer fail-safe operation for over 70000 cycles that consumes less than 5 watts.

The miniature ABVM compact actuated ball valve on the left offers quick 3 to 5 second actuation time with 2 Nm torque optional 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" full flow stainless steel 16 bar rated ball valve with IP65 ingress protection, media up to +100ºC which is available in 5-6volt DC, 9-24vAC/DC or 85 to 265 volt AC 50/60Hz.

When power is applied this ABVM compact actuator will quickly open the ball valve to allow flow whilst quickly recharging the internal capacitor. When in the fully open position the actuator stops taking power and the valve stays in the open position. When electrical power is removed the actuator detects the power loss and draws power from the internal capacitor (electrical storage) which enables the ball valve to automatically return to the closed position without the need for any additional signal or electrical power. The capacitor is quickly recharged during the next power open cycle and will draw any additional charge if required until power is removed.

An initial 60 second charge is only required when initially installed to fully charge the capacitor.

Auto return actuated ball valve 11/4", 11/2" or 2" BSP type ABV-AR.

The ABV motorized ball valve with fail-safe close also known as normally closed actuated ball valve with capacitor return will auto return close upon electrical power failure. This particular ABV model comes with IP67 protection with a strong ABS housing, ISO5211 European standard valve mounting, duty cycle exceeding 100,000 open/close cycles and is available with 11/4", 11/2 or 2" BSP or NPT threaded stainless steel full flow ball valve with PTFE seals offering a pressure range 0 to 16 bar and a maximum media temperature of +100ºC. This ABV actuator utilizes a slightly more powerful 22 watt electric motor offering a torque output of 20 Nm to cope with these larger ball valves and requires only 12 seconds to fully open or 12 seconds fully close. Available voltages include 5-6volt DC, 9 to 35 volt AC/DC or 85 to 265v AC 50/60Hz. Each actuator will work within each specified voltage range chosen which is especially helpful if running from 9 to 24 volt such as a camper van, boat, motor-home power supply which can vary according to battery charge status. An 85-265 volt actuator will work from any applied AC voltage from 85 volts through to 256 volts 50/60Hz. This particular model is supplied complete with visual position indication and a simple to use manual over ride system.

Working on the same self closing or fail-safe actuator circuit the actuator will detect electrical power loss and then will draw energy from the internal capacitor to automatically power the motor to fully close the ball valve. An initial charge of 60 seconds is required when first installed which happens during the first power open sequence and from this point forward the valve will always maintain its own back up power supply.

Benefits of fail-safe position actuated valves.

One of the major benefits of this type of actuated ball valve is not only the full uninhibited flow normally associated with a solenoid valves in, up, over, down and round flow path but also benefits from being unaffected by debris, back flow typically found in rainwater systems but also requires a much lower power demand size for size and greatly reduced heat build up making this design of control valve ideally suited for hard water, BMS building and Zone valves, gravity fed waste water systems from motor caravans, motor homes, boats, yachts but also diesel, biogas and petrol fuel lines, compressed air, mains water, RO water and most other even thick liquids and corrosive gases that are suited to stainless steel and PTFE.

We can also supply 2 and 3 way PVC, Brass, 316 stainless steel electrically actuated valves with fail safe open, standard 2 wire control, 3 wire 2 point control, 3 wire 1 point control and open and closed position volt free signal feedback, so just ask our technical sales team who will be happy to help you.