Solenoid Valve Formats

Solenoid Valve Format

There are several different formats of solenoid actuated valve port configurations, for example 2/2 way 2 port 2 position being 2 ports inlet and outlet with 2 positions open or closed, 3/2 way 3 port 2 positions with inlet outlet and exhaust ports with 2 positions inlet closed outlet open to exhaust or inlet open to outlet with exhaust closed, other options for pneumatic applications would include 5/2 way 5 port 2 position and 5/3 way 5 port 3 position valves.

2/2 Way

2-way solenoid valve is a 2 port (inlet and Outlet) 2 position (Open or Closed) solenoid valve for basic ON/OFF or open or closed control of liquid or gas media along a pipe, such as water, air, oil, vacuum, steam, petrol and diesel fuel, bio-gas, drinking and mains water, steam, aggressive and corrosive acids and alkali's, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and many other gas and liquid media.

2 ports (inlet and outlet) with 2 position open or closed, can be 2/2 way normally closed or fail safe closed with electrical power to open or 2-way normally open (fail-safe open) with electrical power signal to close. Other terminology includes solenoid valve 2 way, 2 way normally closed solenoid valve, 2 port solenoid valve, 2 way valve, 2/2 solenoid valve, 2 solenoid valve and 2 valve

3/2 Way

3/2 way solenoid valves offer 3 port (Inlet Outlet and Exhaust) 2 position (Open or Closed) media control for diverting the flow of media across 3 pipes or connections and are more commonly found used as pneumatic solenoid controllers for larger air actuated valves, pneumatic cylinders, vacuum systems and as media diverting valves such as vegetable oil conversions on motor vehicles.

3 ports (inlet, outlet and exhaust) with 2 positions open or closed, can be 3/2 way normally closed with inlet port closed - outlet port open to exhaust, when energised inlet port opens to outlet and exhaust port closes. 3/2 way normally open inlet port open to outlet with exhaust port closed, when energised inlet port closed outlet port open to exhaust port. 3/2 way universal can be piped up as normally closed, normally open or as a diverting valve for flow in ether direction. Other terminology includes electric 3 way valve, solenoid valve 3/2, 3/2 way solenoid valve, 3 port 2 way, 3 port 2 way valve and 3 way valve

5/2 Way

Typical uses of 5 port 2 position pneumatic solenoid valve single acting with one solenoid coil and spring return fail-safe function or double acting with two solenoid coils are commonly used as compressed air control valves for pneumatic cylinders or external controllers for pneumatically actuated valves. The 5/2 spring return function would allow a cylinder or actuated valve to fully open or extended when coil 1 energized, with fail safe full close or full cylinder retract. The 5/2 double acting valve would allow a cylinder or actuated valve to be fully open when coil 1 energized, power loss valve or cylinder would stay put and then when solenoid coil 2 is energized the valve or cylinder would close or fully retract. Other terminology includes air operated valve, directional control valve, 5/2 solenoid, 5/2 way pneumatic valve, 5/2 way solenoid valve, pneumatic 5/2 and 5 port 2 position valve.

5/3 Way

Typical uses of 5 port 3 position solenoid valve with double coil offers a similar function as the 5/2 way valve but with the added centre position of stay put at partial position. Typical pneumatic applications would be for better compressed air control for partial valve opening and stay in position of actuated valve pneumatic cylinder. The 5 port 3 positions would be energize coil 1 cylinder extends or actuated valve starts to open, solenoid power loss 5/3 valve shuts all ports and actuated valve or cylinder stays put even if in mid position, power to coil 2 actuated valve or cylinder would start the return back process to original position. Fine tuning and reducing the speed of operation with needle valve or flow restrictor from the exhaust ports is helpful for cylinder or actuator speed control. Other terminology includes 5 port 3 position valve, 5/3 pneumatic valve, 5 way valve, 5 way air valve, 5 way solenoid control valve, 5 port 3 position valve and 5 way electric air valve.