1/8" BSPT or NPT 2/2 normally closed miniature solenoid valve 304 stainless steel body 1.6mm orifice Kv = 1.6 L/Min rated 0 to 20 Bar (AC) 0 to 17 Bar (DC) series HA1B. Available standard seal options include FKM, EPDM or NBR, control voltages 12vDC, 24vDC and 48vDC or 24vAC, 48vAC, 110vAC or 230vAC IP65 DIN43650B coil or optional ATEX EExmIIT4 system 8/22 coil. This HA1B or HA1/8B 1/8 BSPT (Tapered) Direct Acting Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve is the smallest most compact light weight 150g low cost stainless solenoid valve in our range and is ideally suited for small applications low flow applications requiring a small low power consumption of 4.8 watts or 8.5VA to 11.6VA, thus keeping energy requirements and heat to a minimum.
Equivalent to:
Danfoss solenoid valve 032u5800, 032h8024, 032h8025, 032h8026, 032h8027, 032h8028, 032h8029, 032h8030, 032h8031
Thread Sizes 1/8
Function 2/2 Normally Closed
Operation Direct Acting
Number of Ports 2
Body Material Stainless Steel
Media Air,Water,Gas,Light Oil,Vacuum,Fluid,Oil,Slightly Aggressive,RO Water
Max Pressure AC 0.2 Bar,0.5 Bar,0.6 Bar,0.7 Bar,1 Bar,1.3 Bar,1.5 Bar,2 Bar,2.5 Bar,3 Bar,4 Bar,4.5 Bar,5 Bar,6 Bar,7 Bar,8 Bar,8.5 Bar,9 Bar,10 Bar,11 Bar,12 Bar,13 Bar,14 Bar,15 Bar,16 Bar,20 Bar
Max Pressure DC 0.2 Bar,0.4 Bar,0.6 Bar,0.7 Bar,0.8 Bar,1 Bar,1.4 Bar,1.5 Bar,1.6 Bar,1.8 Bar,2 Bar,2.1 Bar,2.5 Bar,2.8 Bar,3 Bar,3.5 Bar,4 Bar,4.2 Bar,4.5 Bar,4.9 Bar,5 Bar,5.6 Bar,6 Bar,7 Bar,7.7 Bar,8 Bar,8.4 Bar,9 Bar,10 Bar,10.5 Bar,12 Bar,13 Bar,14 Bar,15 Bar,16 Bar,17 Bar
Orifice Size 1.6mm
Protection IP 65,ATEX EExmIIT4
Default Position Normally Closed

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1/8" Stainless Solenoid Valve 0-20Bar 2/2 n/closed

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