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explanation of solenoid valves and how they work

Solenoid Valves from Connexion Developments for process control and other applications overnight ex stock in the UK, 01454 334 990, come with the relevant approvals and certificates. You can learn much more about fluid and air control with Connexion Developments solenoid valves by visiting our site. Work out flow rates and pressures drops on page 59 of our solenoid valve catalogue or browse the index by going to and clicking on the catalogue picture in the right hand top corner. For help on all aspects of gas and liquid control, Food Process, LPG, Gas, Water control, Acid, Alkali, air applications, pneumatic process, Petrol and Diesel control valves in stainless steel, brass, plastic, nylon, Delrin and other materials in all sizes from 1/8" BSP solenoid valves to 12" Flanged solenoid valves. Just telephone us, we are here to help with advice and data sheets.

Connexion Developments are exclusive importers into the UK for the world wide Shako Company Ltd, CS Fluid Power Ltd and others. If you need a specialised valve for a special application we are your first port of call. If we cannot find the answer there probably isn't one!


For water control, air applications and pneumatic processes they are used extensively in the Food Processing industry and anywhere that requires the easy and fast control of liquid or gas. They can be used for vacuum applications; we call these valves "Direct Acting" or "Zero rated", as they will work from zero pressure. The "Pilot operated" solenoid valves, on the other hand, use the media pressure to open and close the valve by the using a small electric magnetic field to pull a small piston up against a spring, thus revealing a "Pilot hole" in the diaphragm which causes it to lift under pressure from the media and allow passage through the solenoid valve. An "Assisted lift" type of solenoid valve has a spring attached to this small piston which lifts the diaphragm off it's seat thus causing the valve to open even if there is no pressure from the media, or in the presence of a vacuum. Connexion Developments in Bristol, UK (Tel 0800 808 7799) are the market leaders in this technology and are able to supply solenoid valves for all applications in Brass, Stainless steel, plastic, PTFE, Delrin, Bronze and other materials.

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