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New Solenoid Valve Store coming soon !

Solenoid Valve Wizard

Included in the upcoming release of the new Solenoid Valves on-line store is the Solenoid Valve Wizard

The solenoid valve wizard will get you to the solenoid valve that your are looking for with no typing and just a few mouse clicks.

Best Price Guarantee

With the launch of our store version 2.0 we will also launch our Best Price Guarantee.

Direct from store version 2.0 you will be able to report live on a cheaper price for a comparable product.

Subject to a couple of conditions one of our technical sales staff will issue you with a checkout code via our live online help system to beat that price.

Solenoid Valve Wiki

Along with the new solenoid valve store comes a Solenoid Valve Wiki in the form of a web portal that is dedicated to solenoid vales.

  • Information
  • latest Industry News
  • Solenoid Valve Technology
  • Jobs
  • Industry Projects
  • Solenoid Valve Blog
  • Solenoid valve Fourm

Solenoid Valve On-Line Store

Intuitive & easy to use, we get you to the solenoid valve you want with no typing & within a few clicks

Having gained a great deal of experience and customer feedback from our existing solenoid valve store we have worked even harder to bring you our version 2.0 solenoid valve online store.

By focusing on the on-line customer experience we have dedicated many man hours researching the ergonomics of the human / web interface, resulting in yet more work developing existing web technologies to remove complexity for our on-line customers.

The result is what appears to be a very simple web interface that hides both the complexity of the modern technology that is working for you rather than against you and the vast stock range available .

An understanding of the frustration of constantly moving between mouse and keyboard motivated us to develop functionality that allows you to quickly minimize your selection down to just a few products (5 or less) within a few mouse clicks and without ever having to use the keyboard.

As more and more internet traffic is coming via portable devices (smart phones, tablets etc) our version 2.0 store is also Device Aware and will adapt its format to suite most portable devices.

In preparation for the release of our version 2.0 solenoid valve on-line store this domain is being prepared to host our new store. During this period this holding page will be displayed.

Please bookmark this page and check back when we will give updates on release dates.

Thank You

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Custom Designed
Having our own in house software development enables us to concentrate on providing a unique on-line customer experience with technology that is both intuitive and easy to use.
Trade Facilities
We can offer competitive wholesale packages that can include all or any of the following:
  • Generous Discounts
  • Account Facilities
  • A Custom On-Line Store
  • Next Day delivery

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